— The Game Changer in Containerisation – Is It For You?

Join us on the 24th of May, at 11:00 am BST, for the first in a four-part webinar series on Getting Started with Kubernetes, in which you will learn how to:

  • How to decide between Kubernetes, Cloud Run, and VMs for your project
  • The reasons behind Kubernetes’ reputation as a game-changer
  • Preparing your application for a smooth transition to Kubernetes
  • Taking the first steps towards Kubernetes mastery


Lush - Testimonial

“We would highly recommend Firney to others. Their experience and engineering expertise allow them to simplify the complex. It’s been great for non-technical team members to discuss technical topics.”

Keisha Millard
– Head of Strategy Delivery at LUSH Digital

“Their knowledge and experience have allowed us to launch new services and scale our engineering operations and the solutions we provide to blue-chip companies.”

Rob Pierre
– CEO, Jellyfish

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