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We are Firney

What we do

Our team of highly skilled and experienced cloud engineers at Firney utilise industry-standard methodologies and recognised design strategies to guarantee the delivery of dependable cloud services to our clients.

With a primary focus on delivering a secure and stable environment, our engineers use the most effective strategies to ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients.

Firney is committed to assisting clients throughout their entire cloud journey as a full-service cloud solution provider.

From planning and design to execution and ongoing management, we provide comprehensive support to meet the demands of our clients at every level.

Our team of professionals is available to provide direction, support, and knowledge to enable clients confidently accomplish their cloud technology objectives.

Who we are

We have the experience to understand the challenge and the skills to clarify the complex.









Our founders

We are human in a technical world

Marc Firth

Managing Director

Ashley Maloney

Director, Cloud Services

Our culture

Our strength is the ambition and experience of our people; their passion for what we do is what drives us forward in providing smarter more dependable cloud solutions.

We believe that making the complex, simple is the way to more efficient and manageable cloud solutions. We provide transparency in our approach and our expertise and tools will help you develop more scalable and dependable solutions.

We invest in our people with continuous learning, research & development and personal development opportunities for every employee. We believe this keeps our team at the forefront of modern strategies and tools and gives them a deep understanding of core technologies that they can then share with our customers.

Firney - Why we're different

Why we’re different

When it comes to cloud-based services, mistakes can not only be costly in their impact on the services you are providing your customers but also in the cost of fixing those issues.

Whereas other brands may only manage your cloud services, our team and proprietary tools will help you locate a problem in your services and we will help you resolve it.

We want to help you to succeed in providing a great experience for your customers because that’s where we believe the strongest, most successful and long-lived partnerships are forged.

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