Resolution HubAlpha

The Firney Resolution HubAlpha is our proprietary tool to reduce the MTTR for your incident response team.

Get the reliability you need and improved performance at scale – without the expected price tag.

GCP, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Amazon Web Services, Azure, K8s, Kubernetes

What challenge does Resolution HubAlpha solve?

Many tools can detect an issue but cannot assist you in resolving it. In conjunction, Cloud design strategies are becoming more diverse and complex, so making the right choices is critical.

These challenges are typically overcome by experienced and senior engineers; however, these individuals are in high demand. This in turn is driving up salaries with the average base pay for a Senior SRE Engineer being £94,673 according to Glassdoor*.

Existing tools do not tell you how to resolve incidents

Existing tools notify you of a problem but do not tell you how to fix it

Resolution Hub provides detailed directions on resolving your cloud challenges. It also informs you where and how to diagnose your issues further, with advice on tooling.

Rising costs of cloud expertise

With the cost of skilled expertise rising rapidly, a need to provide high performance from less senior individuals has arisen.

Resolution Hub uses a ML model to provide expert guidance for technical incidents.

Difficulty hiring skilled cloud expertise

Demand for senior cloud and SRE engineers is outstripping the supply.

Resolution Hub provides expert level guidance that can be followed by less experienced team members.

Limited escalation opportunities

Get skills and support that can scale in partnership with your in-house team. Escalate opportunities only when you need to or, alternatively, we can take full ownership of your cloud solution.

* Average base pay as checked on 5th October 2022

Get more from your Cloud & SRE Engineers

A tool for your Cloud & Site Reliability Engineering teams that compares your incident against our database of resolutions.

Identify root cause faster

Advanced search filtering helps you identify common issues.

Filter by SLI Type such as “Request/Response

Golden signals

Drill-down into the SLI using metrics such as Errors, Latency & Saturation

Use your stack as a search parameter

Filter by stack such as “Laravel on Google Cloud Platform”

Select multiple issue metrics

Search using the problematic metrics you are seeing (Such as “Database CPU Load > 90%”).

An additional “free text” search field can help you narrow & prioritise results further

Answers powered by our bespoke ML model

Our ever-learning Resolution Engine provides comprehensive set of answers to resolve your incidents; whilst our advice articles show you how to diagnose your issue further. Including tools such as GCP Operations Suite, AWS CloudWatch, NewRelic, DataDog & Google Lighthouse

Issue escalation

Can’t find your solution? Escalate your issue to our highly experienced internal team of Cloud, SRE and Software Engineers for additional support.

Once we have helped you resolve the issue we will add the solution to our database – to ensure that, if it happens again, we can solve it fast.

Priority access & discounted support!

*** Offer available until 11:59pm, November 30th ***

We would like to increase the size of the dataset that feeds our ML-driven results engine.

We need your help to expand our database of current, common issues across multiple platforms.

We are looking to partner with companies, offering them our manual incident tracking and support service, at a discounted rate, in return for giving us the opportunity to build an database of your incidents and our resolutions (anonymised).

You’ll have the opportunity for priority access to our resolution centre at launch, again at a discounted rate!

A win-win all around, we feel and we hope you agree.

Please register your interest if you would like to find out more on the programme and discuss how we can help you.

What our clients say about us

“Their knowledge and experience have allowed us to launch new services and scale our engineering operations and the solutions we provide to blue-chip companies.”

“Without a doubt, I would tell someone to go to Firney. Their knowledge and the trust they inspire are both excellent.”

– Rob Pierre
CEO, Jellyfish

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We need your help to expand our ML dataset of current, common issues across multiple platforms.

We will provide our manual incident tracking and support service, and priority access to the alpha, at a discounted rate, in return for the opportunity to build an database of your incidents and our resolutions (anonymised).