Kubernetes Accelerator

Kubernetes is designed to make application management and deployment easier, faster, and more efficient.

We’re here to remove the complexity and accelerate your ability to scale, whether you’re a long-time Kubernetes user or a recent adopter. 

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Google Cloud Kubernetes Accelerator

Introducing the Google Cloud Kubernetes Accelerator

Kubernetes is a complex tool and requires an experienced, considered approach to unpack its full capability and set your containerized applications to work on autopilot.  Our Kubernetes consulting services provide the expertise your organisation needs to create and manage an enterprise-ready Kubernetes solution on Google Cloud, however far along you are in your Kubernetes journey. 

As a Google Cloud Partner, our engineers are deeply experienced in Google Cloud Kubernetes and offer best-in-class support to assess, plan, design and implement Kubernetes within your organisation.

Kubernetes Accelerator Pricing

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How it works 

Our Google Cloud Kubernetes Accelerator is a turnkey solution designed to support your use of Kubernetes where you stand today. With three different support options available, our expert engineers will work in collaboration with your team:


Stage one:

We begin with a detailed analysis of your current systems and resources. This gives us a big-picture overview of the steps required to drive your Kubernetes implementation forward.


Stage two: Blueprint

The second stage of the process sees Firney’s engineers conducting detailed assessments of your present infrastructure. From here, we can create a blueprint for the project, with a full scope of work presented.


Stage three:

With your Kubernetes implementation mapped out in full, we’ll present a schedule of cost and a timeframe for each stage’s execution.

What’s included?

Your migration to Google Kubernetes will be accelerated, with best-in-class migration planning and management, delivered by Firney’s Google Cloud Kubernetes engineers.

Migration Plan

A detailed migration plan will be drawn up, covering your Kubernetes environment set-up and application migration.


Your cloud and Kubernetes service will be configured to best-practice standards, allowing you to maximise platform benefits.


We’ll assist in containerising your application to ensure it is fully Kubernetes-ready at the moment of migration.


We’ll produce Helm charts (infrastructure as code) for your specific Kubernetes configuration, again aligning with Google Cloud and our own best practice standards.


We’ll conduct service-mesh implementation to separate and manage service-to-service communications in an organised and secure way.


We’ll develop a successful monitoring and logging strategy for your business, with detailed observability.


DevOps Setup: (Continuous Delivery and integration (CI/CD)


Firney’s engineers will handle the handover to your own team of developers with one-to-one training and onboarding to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an accurate estimate for the Kubernetes Accelerator?

Final costs will be provided to you after our onboarding call. In this call we will seek to understand:

  • The size and scope of your platform
  • The maturity of your observability solution

What are the prerequisites for the Kubernetes Accelerator?

Final costs will be provided to you after our onboarding call. In this call we will seek to understand:

  • Your existing application’s technical requirements

Why use Google Cloud Kubernetes?

With increased efficiency, scalability, and security, along with reduced development timeframes and greater flexibility, Google Cloud Kubernetes is used by one in three companies.


Save time with automation

Kubernetes is designed to save you serious amounts of time and lighten your developer loads by automating day-to-day application management tasks.


Deploy faster

Kubernetes handles your environment, allowing your developers to focus on what they do best. With simplified development and deployment, your teams can roll out new applications and updates much faster than you may be used to.


Scale up or down as needed

Kubernetes can scale up or down on demand with dynamic resource requests to better manage peaks and troughs.


Enjoy greater flexibility

Use any application in multi-cloud environments without experiencing performance issues for greater flexibility and agility. Use on-premise, in a public cloud or hybrid model.

Design Best Practice and Build

Cost efficiencies

You can tap into cost efficiencies with Kubernetes thanks to its dynamic use of resources and the ability to automate many time-consuming manual tasks that would previously have represented billable hours.

Training and Guidance

Enhanced Error Detection

Kubernetes proactively checks for errors and will roll back changes with no intervention required if it comes across an issue within your containers.

Why Firney

Why choose Firney as your cloud partner? We are proud to have assembled a team of engineering experts led by technology directors who have a thorough understanding of how to build and rapidly scale a reliable tech environment.     

We don’t just talk the talk. We’ve been there. We know the challenges that organisations are facing. We know how disruptive change can be, and we know what needs to be done to improve development, processes, and the user experience.

Simplified Cloud Service Management


Extensive experience in software development and cloud engineering processes.


Working with high-profile clients to build sites and apps that handle millions of visitors.

Managed Cloud Services Provider


Pioneers keen to stay at the forefront of new innovations and technologies 

What our clients say about us

“Their knowledge and experience have allowed us to launch new services and scale our engineering operations and the solutions we provide to blue-chip companies.”

Rob Pierre
– CEO, Jellyfish

Our Partners

Google Cloud Partners, Harness Partners, New Relic Partners

Are you ready to move your Kubernetes migration forwards?

If you’re ready to begin experiencing the cost, scale and efficiency benefits of Google Cloud Kubernetes, we’re ready to get you started with our Accelerator solutions.