Gen AI Use Case Masterclass

Retailers: Identify high-value AI initiatives that increase revenue and reduce costs for your business.

This masterclass is by application only.

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Use case identification & prioritisation workshop

This masterclass is a four-hour workshop that helps you to:

  • Identify which specific challenges you should be using AI to solve
  • Create initiatives to solve your challenges using AI
  • Agree on priorities for the initiatives

Who is it for?

  • Is your team stuck in ‘AI discovery’ mode?
  • Are you unsure where to start with AI?
  • Are you unsure which use cases to prioritise?
  • Are you unsure which use cases will work with current AI capabilities?
  • Feel like you’re being left behind against competitors in harnessing AI?
  • Do wish to explore which AI opportunities are available to you?

If your team is asking any of the above questions then our Retail AI Use Case Masterclass is for you!


01 Welcome
Define the goals of the workshop

02 The art of the possible
Inspiration from Retail AI use cases

03 Identify business challenges
Explore your business challenges

04 Initiative identification
Identify opportunities

05 Assess Initiative Business Value
Assess the value of your AI opportunities

06 Vote
Vote on your initiatives

07 Build on ideas
Expand initiatives to enhance their value

08 Understanding Data
Identify supporting data sources

09 After the workshop: Your report
An enhanced summary of your findings

Your Retail AI Report

Shortly after completion of the workshop, our certified Google experts will collate the findings from the day into an actionable report.

In addition, you will receive the following from our team of Certified Google Cloud experts:

  • Recommendations on next steps for a Proof of Concept using Google Cloud
  • Implementation suggestions and additional data sources which could enhance your chosen initiative(s)
  • A 1 hour follow-up meeting/video call with the team to discuss your report and provide advice on turning your initiative into a reality
  • Advice for securing your data in the cloud
  • A complimentary copy of our Retail AI use case catalogue for future enhancements
Retail AI Report
Retail AI Report

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Lush, Jellyfish, Kays- Cloud Services Clients. Firney, UK

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