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The Results of Our Cloud Review


Reduction in API Response Time


Increase in Search Accuracy


Increase in CI/CD Release Cadence


Reduction in User Journey Time


Weeks to migrate from AWS to GKE


Subject Matter Experts Added


Engineering Products Created


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How does the Free Cloud Review work?

Accelerate your cloud journey with Firney’s complimentary cloud review.

We begin by understanding your business dynamics and objectives through a series of focused questions. We’re keen to learn about the traffic your web services handle, your aspirations for the year, and your budget for cloud hosting.

Our assessment will determine if your business is primed for a sustained partnership with Firney’s managed cloud services, aligning with your current status and future aims. We specialize in collaborating with businesses eager to enhance their cloud infrastructure for superior customer experiences.

Should we find that your enterprise isn’t quite ready for our managed cloud services, we will be transparent about it. You’ll receive actionable steps to prepare for a future engagement.

Conversely, if we see a fit, our experts will meticulously analyse your cloud and web services, identifying areas ripe for improvement. This is about boosting your ROI and conversion rates.

We’ll arrange a consultation to share our findings and discuss how optimizing your cloud hosting can yield significant benefits. You’ll receive a tailored action plan aligned with your business objectives.

This review is offered at no cost. Should you choose to partner with Firney post-review, our team will be at your disposal to implement our recommendations.

If you opt not to engage our services but find value in our review, we would greatly appreciate your feedback through a company review.

“Their knowledge and experience have allowed us to launch new services and scale our engineering operations and the solutions we provide to blue-chip companies.”

Rob Pierre

– Former CEO & Chairman, Jellyfish

Who our Free Cloud Review is for

Digital Marketing Agencies
We partner with Marketing Agencies to elevate their clients’ online performance through our Managed Cloud Services. These collaborations allow agencies to provide their clients with enhanced cloud infrastructure, ensuring improved website reliability and faster page speeds. This directly contributes to better conversion rates, stronger brand perception, and optimized SEO. Additionally, our robust cloud solutions prevent outages, safeguarding against wasted PPC budgets.

Our work results in heightened campaign effectiveness, heightened client satisfaction, and the skill to address intricate digital challenges. Our bespoke cloud solutions have consistently led to increased website traffic, engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Marketing Managers
We actively work with marketing managers in a range of sectors, from local startups to international corporations. They often come to us for our expertise and advanced cloud solutions. By integrating our Managed Cloud Services into their marketing strategies, we equip them with innovative insights and cutting-edge technology, which dramatically elevates their digital impact.

Managed Cloud Services for Founders, Partners, and CEOs of SMEs
We assist leaders of small and medium-sized businesses by bolstering their online presence through reliable and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Our services range from complete management of cloud operations, allowing business owners to concentrate on core operations, to collaborative efforts with internal teams to augment their digital initiatives. This results in increased web traffic, leads, and sales, driven by improved site performance and reliability.

Retail and e-commerce
Our engagement with e-commerce professionals focuses on expanding their market reach through superior cloud solutions. By enhancing site speed and reliability, we’ve significantly boosted their online visibility, traffic, and sales conversions. These improvements stem from our strategic focus on optimising for both traffic quantity and online store efficiency.

“We would highly recommend Firney to others. Their experience and engineering expertise allow them to simplify the complex.”

Keisha Millard

– Head of Strategy Delivery, LUSH Digital

What is included in the Free Cloud Review?

Our review will analyse several aspects of your cloud architecture and website/web service. We will look for opportunities you can use immediately to increase your website’s traffic, leads, retention or sales.

We will conduct a review of implementation against industry best practices that ensure your cloud architecture is designed for performance. 

Our review considers key aspects that affect return on investment for marketing activities such as scalability, resiliency, security and alerting.

Optimised cloud projects will perform better and improve the impact of the solutions they host such as:

  • Marketing Websites and Landing Pages

    Increased Lead Generation, improved SEO rankings, and optimised PPC spend.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    Increased retention, and improved customer experience.
  • Retail / e-commerce
    Increased sales, increased retention


  • Project goals/access discussion (~30 mins)

    An introductory conversation to discuss your website goals and access requirements.
  • Scalability & Resiliency Review

    We will look at how the solution has been designed to scale and achieve resilience.
  • Observability & Monitoring Review

    Identify, understand and review how you track platform performance and health.
  • Security Fundamentals Review

    Review Identity & Access Management controls and our 10 point security checklist.
  • Findings discussion (1 hour)

    Findings and recommendations.

Who are we?

Your Cloud Partner

Founded in early 2022, Firney is a pioneering force in the realm of cloud-based services.

Our inception was driven by a clear understanding: in the cloud domain, mistakes can be costly, both in terms of customer service impact and financial repercussions. This understanding shapes our unique approach, where we not only manage cloud services but also proactively identify and resolve issues using our team’s expertise and proprietary tools.

Our mission is to forge strong, enduring partnerships by ensuring our clients deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

UK. Managed Cloud Services Team. Get your free cloud review!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a free review?

You are eligible for a free review if either:

  • Your business has a viable model that’s ready to scale;
  • You’re ready to invest in a new website/cloud hosting;
  • You are facing hosting outages due to high website traffic;
  • Or you have a minimum monthly cloud budget of £1,000.

Due to the volume of requests we receive for our free cloud review, we’re unable to deliver reviews to businesses that do not meet one or more of these criteria.

If your website does not yet qualify for a free review, please consider reviewing our extensive collection of free training resources, including our blog, podcast, and videos.

How long does it take to do the cloud review?

Due to the popularity of our Cloud Reviews please allow up to 14 days for completion after making the request.

If you have an urgent requirement, please contact us.

Do I have to use your services?

No. You are not obligated to use our services. Our Cloud Review is provided free of charge.

Each of our reviews includes a list of recommended actions to improve customer experience through a more reliable and performant cloud infrastructure and an initial review of the critical path. Website owners may accomplish these tasks but they will take far longer without prior experience or availability within your engineering team.

If you need support to integrate the recommendations made in our review, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team members who conducted your review.

What will you look at in the cloud review?

We start with a 30-minute initial discussion to understand your project goals and organise the required access for us to perform our review. This ensures each review is tailored to your individual needs.

We will then look to deep dive into the following areas. We can focus on a specific area on request if desired.

Scalability & Resiliency: We investigate how the solution has been designed to scale and achieve resilience.

Observability & Monitoring: Using a high-level understanding of the core functionality, we will seek to identify, understand and review how you track platform performance and health.

Security Fundamentals: We will use our 10-point security checklist to perform an initial assessment of security and review Identity and Access Management controls.

Following our review we will arrange a call with you to present our findings and recommendations.

Do you need access to my website / hosting?

Yes, we will be looking to understand the setup of your infrastructure. Access to hosting platforms, and cloud management platforms (i.e. Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) will give us the access to the information we require to create an effective review.

Additionally, for an enhanced report, GitHub project access can also help produce application-level insights but this is optional. At Firney, not only do we support your cloud infrastructure but we also provide application-level support to assist in resolving issues quickly, should they occur.

Do I have to use Google Cloud, AWS or Azure?

You do not have to use Google Cloud, AWS or Azure cloud platforms. We are happy to review solutions based on traditional server-based hosting.

If you are unaware of what solution is used, we can also investigate this for you, if required. If you are unable to provide access, however, our report may be limited.

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